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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dynamic Router - Integration Pattern (Router)

In the following post I speak about one of the most important integration pattern: Dynamic Router

The Dynamic Router is a specialization of a Router component.

It is responsible for dispatching a message from an input channel to an output channel based on rules that may change over time.

Dynamic Router differs from Simple Router because its aim is to decouple the router component from the knowledge of the recipients.

Dynamic Router is aware of the recipients not at startup time but via a mechanisms of registration/de-registration of recipients. through a special channel called Control Channel. Each participants send a control message over the Control Channel announcing its partecipation and its preference. The Dynamic router saves these preferences into an internal database.

When an incoming message arrives, The Dynamic Router takes in consideration the message content and the preferences of its participants before dispatching the message to the most indicated recipient; but it only send the message to one recipient.

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