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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Composed Message Processor, Scatter-Gather, Routing Slip

Composed Message Processor

Composed Message Processor is used to process a composite message. It splits the message up, routes the sub-messages to the appropriate destinations and re-aggregates the responses back into a single message.


Scatter-Gather broadcasts a message to multiple recipients and re-aggregates the responses back into a single message.
The Scatter-Gather routes a request message to the a list of recipients. It then uses an Aggregator to collect the responses and distill them into a single response message. There are two variants of the Scatter-Gather that use different mechanisms to send the request messages to the recipients:

·         Recipient List: the list of recipients but the Scatter-Gather has to be aware of each recipient's message channel.
·         Scatter-Gathers use a Publish-Subscribe Channel to broadcast the request to any interested participant..

Routing Slip

Attach a Routing Slip to each message, specifying the sequence of processing steps. Wrap each component with a special message router that reads the Routing Slip and routes the message to the next component in the list.

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