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Thursday, February 1, 2018



A Topic log consists of many partitions which can be spread on multiple Kafka nodes. Kafka distributes topic partitions on different nodes in a cluster for high performance with horizontal scalability.


A topic partition is the unit of parallelism in Kafka.


  • Producers writes to different partitions can be done fully in parallel and dont' wait for acknowledgements from Kafka and sends messages as fast as Kafka can handle. 
  • Kafka appends records to the end of a topic log. Producer chooses partition to send a record via Round-Robin or based on the Record’s Key


  • Consumers can use Consumer Groups 
  • A Consumer Group consists of many Consumer Thread that always receives from a single partition.
  • So the degree of parallelism in the consumer within a consumer group is bounded by the number of partitions.
  • Therefore, an higher number of partitions increases the throughput to achieve.


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