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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lean Principles

Eliminate waste

Eliminate stress, eliminate waste of time is a continous practice that has to be taken by the entire development team but expecially is a principle that has to be understood by the entire organization.
The most important activities are those that create valuable software.

Amplify learning

The software development is a learning process so every opportunity is right to learn. Creating processes, using tools, listening to people and learning from experience are all valid elements to improve the way an organization work and build software.

Decide as late as possible
Making decisions in a project is a normal thing and happens continuously. One of the agile principles is to postpone as much as possible a decision, not with the purpose of procrastinating a decision for incompetence,  but in order to collect as much information as possible to take conscious actions. What often happens in information technology is to make decisions that are the result of constraints and deadlines and to lose opportunities to learn from conscious decisions.

Deliver as fast as possible

Delivering quickly is important bothso for quick feedback and for reducing the work queue. Feedback coming from the outside faster helps to bring new perspectives (the perspectives of the stakeholders)

Empower the team

Empower a team means organizing work in a way that each team member feels to do a great job. A team member that is involved, stablish a focused and effective work.

Build integrity in

Dividing a work package into tasks is sometimes a technical way of distribute and assign to team members. This can lead to build an unsupervised and unchoherent whole.

See the whole

Because of stakeholder's feedback and any other product or project input, the entire picture may be different from that expected.

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