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Friday, February 16, 2018

Spring Cloud Config Overview

Spring Cloud Config

  • It has no concept of peers
  • It can be used with two types of backend:
    • Git backend
    • File System backend (with usual techniques against hard disk failures for   high availability)
    • Vault backend (tool for securely accessing secrets)
    • JDBC backend
  • Configuration values are read on client's startup and in order to refresh, spring cloud offers the refresh endpoint to reload the properties
It's possible to implement a runtime notification of changes to configuration:
  1. The Config Server subscribes to the notifications of Git changes. 
  2. The Config Server via the Spring Cloud bus notifies every Config Clients regards of the configuration changes
  3. Config Clients and Config Server communicate eachother using Spring Cloud Bus 
  4. Config Clients call the refresh endpoint that spring actuator exposes in order to reload the context of configured @RefreshScope bean

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